The History Of Tents
on Tuesday, February 9 2016
Modern tents are a far cry from what earlier humans had to deal with. While tents today are light, portable and safe, our ancestors had to construct a frame every time they camped, then draping a large, usually smelly animal hide over the top. While the use of tents today helps us romanticize the past, earlier human settlers would have undoubtedly traded in their primitive structures for the modern amenities of ours. The first historical record of humans using a tent is around 40,000 BC. Not much is known about them other than the use of mammoth hides. The first major innovation seems to have been made by nomadic tribes, as tents like yurts and tepees were far more mobile than their earlier counterparts. The portability of tents played a large part in spreading the religions of Islam and Judaism. Yurts, tepees, and other tents like them are still used today. As integral a part as tents played in the survival of earlier humans, they have been equally valued in destructive times of war. The historically infamous Roman army expanded the empire by way of calf and goatskin tents. Militaries have never stopped using tents, a testament to the unrivaled mobility ...
Custom Enclosures
on Tuesday, February 9 2016
Several years ago, at GOFF Tents, we started getting calls for custom enclosures. The clients were mostly local vineyards and homeowners. That list soon grew to include businesses, locally and nationally, hotels, beach properties, and more. A lot of the walls are just standard cuts that the client can hang themselves. LL Bean in Freeport, Maine needed walls to go around one of their outdoor displays. Easy enough. Linkbelt needed several different walls to cover big overhead door openings for when work needed to be done on the doors. They wanted these walls to be super reinforced. I think we ended up with a 5000 lb. tensile strength 2″ webbing crisscrossed every 3 ft apart on a 20′ door. Talk about sturdy! One of my favorites was a tent and wall that covered the back porch of a beautiful old horse farm mansion in Lexington, KY. This could have been a simple job except the porch was 20 feet off the ground and included two sets of stairs requiring doors on landings half the way up. This was all created to be used once a year during the Derby. Our most recent challenge came by the way of the Tortuga Inn in ...
on Tuesday, February 9 2016
Nothing makes a statement like a big tent in your parking lot. Every car that passes by knows that something special is going on. What happens when you take your sale to a different location? You’ve got the attention but who are you? The easiest way to solve this problem is to have your name high up on the tent for the world to see. GOFF Tents have done custom logos on tents for the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, RJ Corman, LL Bean and many others across the country. Graphics are cut from high end 3M adhesive vinyl and placed on the tent. We have tents still out there that were logoed over 10 years ago. Obviously, the life expectancy of any tent or logo depends upon the amount of time exposed to the elements.  When you think about the high cost of advertising and getting your name and product out to the public, tents and logos are really a smart way to go.
Think Outside the Ballroom
on Tuesday, February 9 2016
Given the prevalence Wi-Fi, hotspots, and mobile technology, more and more events are freeing themselves from traditional brick-and-mortar locations and venturing elsewhere. This flexibility is offering corporations and businesses the ability to look beyond conference centers and hotel ballrooms when planning a corporate function or an industry convention. Think about it – if someone wanted to set up a remote office on a beach, given the right tools, he absolutely could! Certain types of company events already fit into the “outdoor” category – summer picnics, family outings, golf tournaments. However, companies typically retreat inside when preparing larger scale or more formal events. As we are becoming a cable-free culture, the outdoor/indoor barrier is beginning to erode away. Now instead of worrying if your facility is too small to hold all your employees in one room, a tent can be erected on the property and everyone can assemble there. By putting up partitions or dividers, planners and organizers can easily create different stations or break-out areas depending on the event’s purpose. If an item is forgotten or a piece of equipment suddenly breaks, having a tent near the main office can save time and stress!
Heating and Cooling a Tent
on Tuesday, February 9 2016
How Much Does Tent Air Conditioning Cost? Tent-Air-Conditioning One of the first questions asked when an event planner, tent rental company or bride calls to research tent cooling is, “How much does tent air conditioning cost?” The first thing we need to do is determine what type of tent air conditioner will work best for your event. That’s not always easy. But let’s start at the beginning. Be sure to check out what’s involved in choosing a tent air conditioning solution. You’ll first need to select your venue and need to know what type of tent you will be using for your event. An experienced tent rental company can help you select a tent that will work with the venue. We’ve put together a quick list of what’s involved in conducting a site survey for your outdoor event. When it comes to tent air conditioning systems, there is not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. Rather than give you pricing from the start, we ask a lot of questions about the tent and event so we can determine if we have a solution that will be a ...

Manufacturer for Custom Patio Enclosure, Party Tent, Tent Accessories, Festival Tent, Custom Tent in the Indiana and North Carolina areas.Manufacturer for Custom Patio Enclosure, Party Tent, Tent Accessories, Festival Tent, Custom Tent in the Indiana and North Carolina areas.Manufacturer for Custom Patio Enclosure, Party Tent, Tent Accessories, Festival Tent, Custom Tent in the Indiana and North Carolina areas.Manufacturer for Custom Patio Enclosure, Party Tent, Tent Accessories, Festival Tent, Custom Tent in the Indiana and North Carolina areas.

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